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Tents & Structures Home → Products & Services → Clothing & Containment → Tents & Structures Whether required for use as an emergency shelter, or for use as a decontamination tent, Stephens Industries has been producing tents and structures constructed from a range of materials, such as PVC & Polyurethane, for decades.

DUST CONTAINMENT TENT 6MX3M for Rent - Kennards Hire

Get rental information on DUST CONTAINMENT TENT 6MX3M from Kennards Hire. Visit us online or call at 135135 to hire equipment, tools or Surface Preparation …

Dustex Pop-Up Tent | Pop Up Work Tent | RVT Group

The Dustex Pop-Up Tent is easy to erect quickly and can be used to contain dust in a variety of situations. The Dustex Pop-Up Tent is easy to erect quickly and can be used to contain dust in a variety of situations. ... Dust containment during localised cement mixing operations ; Heat traps for …

HEPA Dust Containment Cart for Rent - United Rentals

HEPA Dust Containment Cart. Designed specifically for projects in healthcare facilities, the unique design of this mobile dust containment cart makes it the ideal solution for helping to meet ICRA guidelines while performing healthcare facility projects requiring ceiling plenum access. If you're ready to rent this product, set your location ...

Infection Control Dust | Particle Containment Products

Kontrol Kube's mobile containment units will help provide successful infection control and particle containment for all properly functioning hospitals. Whether the protection needed is in the form of a patient isolation room or in the containment of dust, mold, and asbestos, these products guarantee you the highest degree of safety.


DUZcart is a mobile dust containment cart designed for ceiling access in infection control areas. It is engineered for quick and easy deployment and is built for the rigors of daily, repetitive use. The DUZcart is an ingenious dust containment cart designed and built by people who use them every day.

Temporary Environmental Containment Units - Grainger ...

Temporary Environmental Containment Units 42 products Temporary environmental containment units create a barrier around a work area to prevent dust and other contaminants created in the work area from spreading into surrounding areas.

The art of dust containment in healthcare facilities ...

Dust containment tools should be simple to use, easy to clean, and most importantly should be designed for maximum containment levels for the project. Containment standards any healthcare facility projects will depend on the ASHE Infection Control Risk Assessment Matrix and the Guidelines set forth by the Joint Commission.

Spycor Environmental Dust Containment Product Rental

Benefits of Renting Dust Containment Equipment Choosing to go with a pressure monitor, air scrubber or fume extractor rental offers a number of advantages for short-term users. For starters, you'll only make payments for as long as your project takes. The rental period begins the day after delivery and ends the day you ship it back.

Mixing tent or source extractor in dust control?

Mixing tent handles dust at one point efficiently. The mixing tent is a negative pressurized space used for dust control. With a tent you create a dust-proof compartment in your space, and you can implement it using existing or temporary structures. This is how you separate the clean and dusty spaces.

AIRE GUARDIAN® Mobile Dust Containment Cart AG8000 by ...

The AIRE GUARDIAN Model AG8000 Mobile Construction Containment Enclosure from Abatement Technologies provides the perfect particle control solution for these projects. Hospital contractors are reporting substantial productivity increases and rapid ROI on their investment in the AIRE GUARDIAN dust containment module.

Dust Barriers & Mobile Containment - Mobile Containment ...

Kontrol Kube Hard Panel Containment System w/ Negative Air Machine - 6510-U. Fiberlock. MSRP: Now: $9,299.99. Was: $9,450.00. Kontrol Kube Hard Panel Containment System w/ Negative Air Machine - 6510-U Mobile Containment with MAXIMUM DURABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, AND CONVENIENCE The Kontrol Kube HardPanel containment system is an ultra-durable ...

Mobile Dust Containment Systems - Spycor Environmental

Dust Containment Systems & Materials Nobody like a dusty job site - but sometimes you need something more than a fan and an open door to clear the air. Our industrial dust containment products are designed for a variety of projects to make sure you meet all …

Hepacart | Infection Control | Dust Containment Systems

The HEPACART® Environment Ceiling Access Containment Cart is engineered and constructed by healthcare contractors for healthcare contractors. It was designed to make dust containment and infection control in high-risk environments easier to handle without compromising on essential safety protocols. Learn More.

Hire Dust Equipment | Dust Extraction | RVT Group

Dust Dust extraction and dust filtration systems. Dust is one of the main hazards facing on-site workers. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE 19/20) states that 13,000 Deaths each year are estimated to be linked to past exposure at work, primarily to chemicals or dust. Equipment Range


DUSTBUGGY® Classic is Designed for the Rigors of Real Work. The DUSTBUGGY® Classic mobile containment cart is manufactured in durable, easy-to-clean aluminum, and requires no assembly prior to usage. Uses include – but are not limited to – removing ceiling tiles, minor ductwork or electrical work above ceilings in hospitals, and other patient care facilities, as well as in data centers ...

Containment Tents - Accessories & Ventilation Units ...

CONTAINMENT TENTS, TENT ACCESSORIES, AND VENTILATION UNITS. Properly designed work tents will reduce cross-contamination from work being done on structures or spaces contaminated by radiological or other hazardous materials. Serving as a barrier between work surfaces and clean areas, containment tents and covers are used to create a controlled ...

Industrial Dust Suppression, Dust Suppression System in India

Introduction. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. Dust Suppression System brings state-of-the-art technology to the difficult and costly task of controlling dust at manufacturing, industrial and agricultural sites. It produces a ultra-fine water fog that effectively attracts and holds dust particles so that they can be more readily removed from the work place and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Mintie Technologies ECU4 Dust Containment Unit - Spycor

The New ECU4mobile hospital dust containment unit is the most recent generation of the industry leading ECU product line. The ECU4 Mobile Dust Containment system is a collapsible, portable containment unit for temporary isolation during normal facil

Installation Guide for a Dust Containment System - YouTube

Read the full post: of the most important and perhaps overlooked factors of any remodel project ...

Products - Zipwall Dust Barrier Systems

Shop ZipWall Online - All ZipWall dust barrier products are available at zipwall.com. Buy dust barrier poles, parts, zippers and zipper doors, dust barrier magnetic door, Rail tapeless seals, ZipFast reusable barrier panels, ZipWall parts, carry bags, and more.

Industrial Dust Control Curtains - Industrial Curtains

Filed Under: Dust Containment Curtains Tagged With: Dust Containment Booth Cube, Dust Containment Tent, Food Dust Containment Enclosures, Industrial Dust Control Curtains. Get In Touch! 989-414-1209. Email Support.

Rental Program | Dust Containment Equipment | HEPACART™

The standard HEPACART ® rental models are the Standard Model (L) HC74U HEPACART ® and the Standard Model (L) HCAR36 AnteRoom. Custom rentals are available, extra charges may apply. Signed rental agreement and security deposit required prior to shipment. Mastercard, Visa or Purchase Order with approved credit. Ships from Lenexa, KS 66215.

Dust Containment Tent - CoolTent Club

Dust Containment Tent. There are many good ways to go nearly buying camping tents. The best mannerism to go nearly it is to buy a tent, especially if you scheme on camping in the US and getting it house quickly and safely without any trouble. In this article, I will manage to pay for you some tips on how to buy the perfect camping tent.

Indoor Environmental Services and Solutions – The Mintie ...

We provide indoor air quality management, preventative maintenance solutions, and portable containment products for airborne particulates, infection control, and bio-security. Get in touch with us today for more info about our services.

Building Site Dust Management | Clean Air

Clean Air Management has developed Australia's first dust containment tent with ceiling air extraction. Let us contain, clean and control dust on your construction site ©2020 by Clean Air Management. Big Blue 2000 Air Filtration Unit with HEPA filter. 3 x 3m dust containment tent / cutting room.

Dust Containment Tent | Construction Building Site

CAM Tent is the most effective dust containment tent in Australia for construction or building sites. These portable on site cutting rooms are easy to use, easy to setup and cost effective. They will contain dust from spreading on your worksite and filter airborne dust from within the tent.

TRIMACO E-Z Up Dust Containment Door-54740/HD - The Home Depot

Dust Containment Door to incorporate into plastic sheeting . I created a tent in my living room to isolate a corner of the room with extensive drywall work. Even with a vacuum sander dust goes every where unless you contain it. The dust containment door allows the area to be sanded and a means of ingress and egress to the area.

Mobile Dust Containment Units - Spycor Environmental

Mobile Dust Containment Systems If your work is constantly on the move, your work area needs to be able to move with you. Portable dust containment systems will trap dust and debris from all your work activities on construction sites or in hospitals. These mobile enclosures will minimize exposure to office workers, patients and others who can't ...

HEPACART® Dust Containment Cart | Shop HEPACART ...

Unit price. / per. Sale Sold out. Full Body Vinyl/Cloth Dust Cover. Full Body Vinyl/Cloth Dust Cover. Regular price. from $ 475.00. Sale price. from $ 475.00.

Dust Containment - Dust Barrier Cover System - YouTube

The perfect way of keeping you clients home spotless whilst working on a job. Simply section off your work area to contain the dust and dirt to that area ON...

Premium portable dust containment units! - Work Zone Designs

"These dust containment carts are the best product on the market. While many of these units are hard to set in place and never seem to seal up right. Work Zone makes exceptionally easy to operate units with convenient touches that make all the difference in the speed in which you can do your job.

HEPACART® | Infection Control, Dust Containment …

The DUSTBUGGY ® is a mobile dust containment cart without a negative air machine or HEPA filtration embedded in the unit. Now available in our best selling Classic Models (with telescoping poles) or the newest Auto-Lift Models (with push button automation). 15 work efficiency options included including the HALO LED light package.

TRIMACO Trimaco E-Z Up 12 ft. Heavy Duty Dust Containment ...

Trimaco's E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles work with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier on jobsites. Dust containment systems protect surfaces from airborne particles and help maintain proper air quality keeping your space safe. designed with heavy-duty aluminum construction, and no loose parts. Available in 3-heights - 12 ft., 16 ft., 20 ft.

Dust Containment System at Best Price in India

The quality containment system of the SWECO Bag Dump Screener System effectively reduces the amount of dust particles escaping into the work environment, while efficiently channelling materials from bags into a SWECO separator. The dust containment system is integrated with a high performance SWECO Low Profile Flo-Thru

Dust Containment Enclosures | Custom Made Models | By AKON

Dust Containment. With the use of the Akon dust containment enclosure systems, you can contain the fine particles that float through the air, keeping your work facility clean from debris. You can effectively keep the dusty mess at the source which will reduce your cleaning bills and provide a better work environment for your workers.