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SUREBOND | Adhesive & sealant solutions for every job

For over 30 years, Surebond adhesives and sealants have held up through our customers' most stringent and demanding applications.. Our innovative engineering provides flexible solutions for a wide range of uses: manufacturing, construction and safety applications.. Surebond offers quality, reliable products coupled with first-class service to ensure you get the right product for the job ...

Crommelin 6L Wet Look Paving Sealer - Bunnings Australia

Suppresses efflorescence Wet Look Paving Sealer is a tough low sheen finish surface treatment that provides a classic "wet look" finish by restoring and enhancing natural colors. The product has been modified to promote extremely low dirt pick up, making treated areas easier to maintain and keep clean.

ToughCrete Concrete Sealer - 1 Gallon (Covers 600SqFt ...

5-Gal. SX5000 WB DOT Approved Water Based Silane Siloxane Penetrating Concrete Sealer, Brick Sealer, and Paver Sealer 4.7 out of 5 stars 530 2 offers from $224.99

Best Brick Paver Sealer Reviews 2021 | Concrete Sealing ...

Best Brick Paver Sealer Reviews is our top Paver Sealer article. There have been over 5500 Questions and Answers and 600 Consumer Reviews on this topic.

Which is the best concrete sealer ... - Tech-Dry® Australia

However, the most commonly used sealers are both film forming sealers and penetrating sealers. Though both are designed to seal solid surfaces or concrete, they work in different ways. To find out which is the best concrete sealer for your project, it is best to understand the difference.

Bondall Natural Finish Sealer

Bondall Paving & Concrete Sealer MATT is ideal for sealing concrete, clay, natural stone, brickwork, and limestone pavers on patios and other areas. Bondall Paving & Concrete SATIN is a hard wearing acrylic clear finish for sealing clay or concrete pavers, concrete floors, unglazed tiles and slate. Bondall Wetlook Sealer Discontinued.

Paver Sealing - Free Quote | Kleenit

A solvent, by its nature is extremely sturdy and hard wearing, producing the strongest longest lasting barrier to any stain that may occur. Kleenit stocks a range of paver sealers, including ones to create a "wet look", plus tintable and almost invisible coatings. Whatever you need, Kleenit has the sealer to suit.

Perma-Colour Australia | Decorative Concrete Solutions

Concrete Sealer. Perma-Colour concrete sealers are specially formulated to seal and protect concrete surfaces, providing a low maintenance stain, oil and dirt resistant barrier. Tinted coloured sealer available in a range of colours - they allow you to roll over existing concrete finishes to alter colours. We can also colour match most colours.

Best Paver Sealer (2021): Reviews & Comparison | Seal With ...

Eagle Sealer Clear Paver Sealer boasts of excellent water repellent properties, making it suitable for use in areas that are prone to a lot of water exposure. Not only do pavers end up looking new, but the results are long-lasting as you'll notice water beading months into application.

Deco StripaCast Non-Hazardous Paver Stripper (1Gal.)

Pavers, Stamped Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Veneers, etc. Any substrate that has existing coatings or sealers on surface. All acrylic sealers after several coats need to be removed. Driveways, patios, pool areas, walk ways, porches, etc. Preparation: Always perform a small test before tackling your entire project. This will ensure desired results.

AQURON PAVESET | Bond & Stabilise Paver Joint Sand to ...

AQURON ENVIRONMENTAL PAVESET stabilizes and bonds joint sand to the pavers preventing rain, vehicle and jet blast erosion of paver joints. AQURON ENVIRONMENTAL PAVESET being a very liquid solution penetrates through the sand, setting up stabilization to at least half the depth of the paver, forming a hinge effect that keeps joints tightly locked together and the sand secure, resulting in a ...

Bondall BondCrete - bonding and sealing agent

Bondall BondCrete is an extremely versatile bonding and sealing agent widely used in the building and renovating industry. Bondall Silasec is a concentrated liquid waterproofing compound designed to be used with Portland type GP cement. Bondall HydroCrete is a water-resistant bonding and sealing agent that provides outstanding resistance.

#1 Concrete Paver Sealing in Adelaide – Fresh Front

Pavers need to breathe, traditional sealers trapped in the moisture and caused issues, the pavers turned white, the sealer flaked and pavers ended up slippery. Thanks for great improvements in sealer technology we can now offer you a paver sealing product that overcomes all of these issues, while being cost effective, incredibly hard wearing ...


Deepshield™ sealers do not affect the slip resistance of the surface as they do not leave a film or coating, therefore by sealing your marble floors with Deepshield™ your tiles will maintain their slip resistance. Deepshield™ Gold sealer is designed for slippery surfaces and will penetrate the surface of highly polished marble tiles.

Best Paver Sealer for a Wet Look - Updated Nov 2021 ...

Your Guide to the Best Paver Sealer. A Paver Sealer is a fluid substance that is mainly used to protect the brick concrete surfaces from staining, corrosion, or damage.Paver stone sealers are also used to apply on other surfaces such as slate, travertine, …

Advice re best sealers for travertine pool pavers - Pools ...

I was initially going to go with a really expensive sealer's choice gold that was recommended by the paver company, but then the pool guys said in reality they find all sealers to be roughly the same and they just use the one from bunnings (Crommelin). I want whatever is going to protect the pavers best, especially those that are dry laid.

Amazing Wet Look Sealer - ProtectGuard Wet Finish Premium

Description. ProtectGuard Wet Finish Premium is a wet look sealer with a difference! This Guard Industry product gives porous and low-porosity mineral surfaces an intense "wet effect". In other words, it provides the same colour enhancement as a wet surface. It also restores and revives the original colour of old faded surfaces.

Paving Sealer - natural or colour enhancing, matt, satin ...

ProtectGuard is a full penetrating paver sealer best suited to very porous pavers. It will repel water, oil and stains without altering the appearance of the paver at all. This sealer has a strong beading affect and is completely breathable.

Choosing A Sealer That's Right For You

Sealing concrete or stone driveways or pavers requires the right products. This blog discusses which sealer types may be best suited to your masonry surface. Adelaide 08 8180 0693 | Melbourne 03 8692 0036

Concrete & Paving Paint - Coloured Concrete | On-Crete

Kulacoat is a coloured concrete sealer system which is a durable professional grade sealer used by qualified tradesmen around Australia. It is a durable tough coating that is easy to clean and maintain. A couple coats of Kulacoat coloured sealer will help to hide those ghastly stains and bring to life your concrete or pavers with a new breath ...

Clean Seal Australia - Specialist Sealing Services

Sealing will protect against staining, efflorescence and will also make it easier to clean. For a job well done, trust the experts at Clean Seal. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and our friendly and professional team has the equipment and the know-how to clean and seal your pavers efficiently and effectively.

Prestige Surfaces | Stone Cleaning and Stone Sealing Solutions

OUR SERVICES. • Cleaning and sealing of all natural and manmade stone including sandstone, bluestone, concrete, travertine, porcelain, terracotta, granite, marble, limestone, terrazzo and more. • Removal of efflorescence, mould, oil and grease stains, grout haze, organic stains, timber stains and more. • Professional cleaning and acid ...

wintzenterprise.com – Paver Sealing

Call or text for a free quote 386-747-5145. Hire the Experts. Residential and Commercial Paver sealing services. Wintz Paver Sealing is Volusia counties #1 choice in brick paver and travertine sealing. We use the highest quality in sealer, which is ICT Ure-SealH2o, there is no better sealer on the market. The sand we use is a 20-30 grain Silica ...

Crommelin 15L Water Based Paving Sealer - Bunnings Australia

Crommelin Water Based Paving Sealer provides a clear, transparent, non-silicone water repellent coating that will enhance and protect a wide variety of paving and concrete surfaces. Hard wearing and UV stable, Crommelin Water Based Paving Sealer is easy to clean and resists stains, damage and algal growth. Details Dimensions Specifications Colour

DIY Sealers: Crommelin

Sealers. Products formulated to seal surfaces, to protect from staining, to make aesthetically pleasing and to extend the life of a surface. Sealer's are used to prevent the staining of a surface, to make aesthetically pleasing or to prolong the life of a substrate.

Penetrating Sealer - Aqua Mix® Australia - Official Site

Penetrating Sealer - Aqua Mix® Australia - Official Site Penetrating Sealer Penetrating Sealer is an economical, no sheen, water based penetrating / impregnating sealer for all porous interior & exterior natural stone (including around salt water swimming pools). Formulated to provide excellent protection. Perfect for very porous stone and tile.

Sandstone, Paver & Travertine Sealer Australia - EliteCoatings

Australia's most trusted manufacturer of Premium quality Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite & Driveway Sealer. Free shipping on orders over $99*. Available …

Driveway Sealer 311 | Base Coatings

Enhance and Protect. Our Driveway Sealer 311 is designed to enhance the look of concrete driveways and provide a beautiful wet-look finish. This product will seal the surface of concrete to protect it from stains and moisture, helping your driveway to stay looking great for years to come.

Concrete Sealers & Coatings | Concrete Colour Solutions

Penetrating sealers are used extensively for protection of concrete, bricks, masonry, pavers and sandstone. The sealer penetrates deeply into the surface and protects against water absorption. Penetrating sealers also help repel oil and organic-based stains, and will not change the appearance of the surface, leaving it with a natural look.

SuperSeal25 Semi-Gloss 5 Gallon | The Sealer Store

SuperSeal Brick Paver Sealer is a much higher solid content (25%) than similar water based (7-10%) products. SuperSeal Brick Paver Sealer can be sprayed on with the Chapin 1949 Concrete Sprayer or applied with a 1/2" roller cover. It is to thick for a plastic "inexpensive" sprayer. SuperSeal Brick Paver Sealer will help solidify sand in between ...

Concrete Paving Sealer - Concrete Paving Sealer

Aqua Shield HD can be applied to natural and reconstituted stone including granite, limestone and travertine, concrete pavers, concrete slabs, clay brick and pavers, unglazed tile and grout. This unique paving sealer has been designed, developed and manufactured in Western Australia, by highly experienced industrial chemists.

Paver Seal - Rockstar Sealing

Paver Seal. $ 33.60 – $ 255.00 ex GST. Rockstar Paver Seal is a solvent based acrylic sealer formulated for sealing concrete pavers, patterned concrete and concrete flooring. It gives a wet look and is UV Stable and non-yellowing. Suits concrete pavers, pattern concrete, terracotta and concrete flooring. UN 1886. Size. Choose an option 1L 5L 20L.

Penetrating Sealer - Aqua Mix® Australia - Official Site

Penetrating Sealer is an economical, no sheen, water based penetrating / impregnating sealer for all porous interior & exterior natural stone (including around salt water swimming pools). Formulated to provide excellent protection. Perfect for very porous stone and tile. An ideal sealer for concrete, sandstone & brick.

What sealer should I use? | Mr Blastit

Solvent Based Sealer Solvent based sealers are also known as Acrylic sealers or Wet Look sealers. They give a 'Wet Look' to your pavement, enhance the colour of the pavers and come in a Satin or Gloss finish. They are the perfect finish for exposed aggregate and granite pavement, bringing out both its depth and its colour.

#JUSTSEALIT – Natural stone sealer | Granite Works Australia

Cleaners and Sealers. #JUSTSEALIT is a high performance impregnating / penetrating sealant exclusively formulated for porous natural stone, tile and concrete substrates. This sealer provides a fully breathable invisible protective barrier and ensures optimum protection, ease of maintenance and longevity for treated substrates.

Wet Look Sealers - Deco Products - Concrete Pavers

With Deco Products' line of decorative sealers, we have you covered from start to finish. Remove the old acrylic sealer with our tough Deco super stripper STRIPACAST. After that, choose if you want a "wet" look or one of our completely transparent sealers to protect and enhance your concrete surface.