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Bulk Density and Void Percentage Test for Aggregates - The ...

Method A Rodding for maximum aggregates size of 37.5 mm or less, Method B—Jigging for maximum aggregates size greater than 37.5 mm and not exceeding 125 mm, and Method C—Shoveling to determine the loose bulk density of the aggregate. Method A: Rodding. Fill the measure with aggregate in nearly equal three layer.

Georgia DOT Asphalt Pavement Selection Guidelines

For example, a mix with the identifier 16-12.5SP-10-6 would be a 12.5mm mix consisting of aggregate from source number 16, designed by certified laboratory number 6. The 10 is a serial number to distinguish the design from others like it.

Aggregates: Physical Properties and Mechanical Properties

Physical Prosperities of Aggregate : Grading Grading is the particle-size distribution of an aggregate as determined by a sieve analysis using wire mesh sieves with square openings. As per IS:2386(Part-1) Fine aggregate : 6 standard sieves with openings from 150 μm to 4.75 mm. (150 μm, 300 μm, 600 μm, 1.18mm, 2.36mm,

II - Concrete Aggregates | Ontario Sand, Stone & Gravel ...

The gradation of the coarse aggregates used in concrete pavement and concrete base shall meet the requirements for 37.5 mm and 19 mm aggregate shown in Table 4. Aggregates shall be stockpiled as individual size fractions and blended in the mix so as to meet the combined gradation requirements shown in Table 4.

40 mm aggregate density - BINQ Mining

density, penetration resistance, aggregate size distribution, and moisture. Bulk density … Cone index values from the 0 to 10 cm, and 40 to 50 cm depths were not …. concluded that a seedbed of 1-2 mm aggregates with a dry bulk density of …


Note 2—Mix the aggregates thoroughly and take precautions to prevent segregation of the particles when filling the unit mass measures. Table 1—Size of Material by % Retained by Mass Size % Retained by Mass 12.5 mm (1/2 in.) 0 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) 40–60 4.75 mm (No. 4) 100 4.2 Determining Unit Mass (Weight)—Rodded Method:

Improving pavement density | Asphalt magazine

A four-stone thickness lift of a 9.5-mm aggregate equates to a 38 mm (1.5-inch) lift and has room for sufficient compaction. In fact, based on information found in the Asphalt Institute's "MS-4 Asphalt Handbook", a 38 mm lift can be properly compacted assuming a 9.5-mm NMAS mixture is used.

20mm Drainage Aggregates - Concrush

Compacted Bulk Density – 1.29 t/m 3. Wet Strength – 70 kN. Wet/Dry Variation < – 35%. Particle Size Distribution – As per AS1289.3.6.1. Benefits. 10mm & 20mm recycled concrete aggregate is an excellent drainage and filter material. Quality material with moderate to large amount of voids. Manually handled with ease by shovel & wheelbarrow.

02 - Aggregate Gradation

Aggregate gradation curves: (a) maximum density gradations for 37.5 and 4.75 mm sizes based on the Fuller relationship; (b) a uniform aggregate; (c) a gap-graded aggregate; (d) screenings.

Density, construction, and drag coefficient of ...

particles as disks of 5 mm thickness the calculated aggregate densities are in agreement with those derived from the aggregate mass measurements and indicate a relatively constant aggregate density with size (in contrast with previous results from fall velocities).

Density of Coarse Aggregate - GharExpert.com

Density of coarse Aggregate. Following are the density of coarse aggregate. Broken stone ballast. Dry well shaken=1600—1870 kg/cum. Perfectly wet =1920—2240 kg/cum. Shingles 3-38mm=1460 kg/cum. Gravel. Loose = 1600 kg/ cum. Un disturbed =1920-2160 kg/cum.

Density of Aggregate - Bulk and Relative Density - Civil ...

If the volume is unit then, Bulk Density= Mass. Unit in kg/m 3 or lb/ft 3. In this definition, the volume is that contains both the aggregates and the voids between aggregates particles. The approximate bulk density of aggregate that is commonly used in normal-weight concrete is …


Aggregate Blending, Absorption & Specific Gravity 15 Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity • ASTM C128 ... max density line max size nom max size Sieve Size (mm) Raised to 0.45 Power ... 9.5 mm 9.5 12.5. Aggregate Blending, Absorption & Specific Gravity 27 19.0 mm 9.5 mm

What is the weight of a 20-mm coarse aggregate in 1 cubic ...

Answer (1 of 5): If talking in general terms it's about 1500–1750kg per cum. For accurate calculation, we will be needing Bulk density of Agg and Vol of air and specific gravity of Aggregate first.

Aggregates for Concrete - MERT YÜCEL YARDIMCI

Grading of aggregate is determined by sieve analysis using standard wire mesh sieves with square openings. Standard test sieves according to Turkish standards (TS EN 933-1): 63 mm, 31.5 mm, 16 mm, 8 mm, 4 mm, 2 mm, 1 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.125 mm Standard ASTM sieves (ASTM C33):

Technical Information Sheet ROCK AGGREGATES

and general concrete aggregate Available Size 7mm 14-7mm 14-10mm 20mm Available Unwashed Loose Density (approx) 1.34 t/m3 1.32 t/m3 1.30 t/m3 1.28 t/m3 Compacted Density (approx) 1.36 t/m3 1.37 t/m3 1.35 t/m3 1.32 t/m3 Colour Blue/Grey Blue/Grey Blue/Grey Blue/Grey Test Value Before Compaction Sieve Size AS (mm) 7mm Aggregate (% Passing by Mass ...

(PDF) Concrete Mix Design By Packing Density Method

Maximum packing density for 20 mm and 12.5 mm aggregates Minimum voids ratio for 20 mm and 12.5 mm aggregates Increase in fine aggregate particles leads to decrease in …

Aggregates for Concrete - Memphis

predominantly larger than 5 mm (0.2 in.) and generally between 9.5 mm and 37.5 mm (3⁄ 8 in. and 11⁄ 2 in.). Some natural aggregate deposits, called pit-run gravel, consist of gravel and sand that can be readily used in concrete after minimal processing. Natural gravel and sand are usually dug or dredged from a pit, river, lake, or seabed.

What is the density of a coarse aggregate? - Quora

Answer (1 of 2): thanks for ask bro… Coarse Aggregate in general should consist of natural occurring stones (crushed, uncrushed or broken), riverbed single or pit gravel. It should be hard, strong, dense, durable, and clean. It must be free from veins, adherent coatings and injurious amounts of ...

Quantity of Cement, Sand & Aggregate used in 1m3 of ...

Volume of Aggregate = Aggregate ⁄ Cement+Sand+Aggregate x 1.57. Density of aggregate may go higher if void spaces decreases. 5mm aggregate has more density when compared with 20mm size of aggregate. Hence We require 1326Kg of 20mm aggregate for 1m 3 of Concrete. Amount of Water Required for 1m 3 of Concrete:-


The grading of aggregate affects the workability, density & economy. 4. The amount of aggregate in unit volume of concrete ... Fine aggregate: d ≤ 5 mm 2. Coarse aggregate: d >5 mm ...

Density of coarse aggregate 20mm? - Answers

Coarse aggregates are particles greater than 4.75mm, but they generally range between 9.5mm to 37.5mm in diameter. Primary coarse aggregates come from the land or water. Secondary aggregates are ...


Aggregate sizes of the mix design should be checked prior to use in thinner lifts. 12.5 MM Superpave Generally a minimum lift thickness of 2" is recommended. Aggregate sizes of the mix design should be checked prior to use in thinner lifts. SURFACE DESIGNATIONS 9.5 MM Superpave This surface mix is recommended for most surface applications.

density of crushed 5mm aggregate « BINQ Mining

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester …. Some of the products sold by the company are Aggregate Crushing Value … Aggregate Impact Tester, Core Cutter Method, Density Basket, Devel Attrition Testing … (80+5)/70 + 5mm dia at the base,(70mm+5mm) /60 mm at the top and 40 mm … »More detailed

Density of 20 mm aggregate

Density of 20 mm aggregate Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, Density of 20 mm aggregate, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

bulk density of 20mm aggregate - Nossa Ciência

Aggregates: Limiting Values of Mechanical Properties3. This test method is applicable to aggregates not exceeding 125 mm [5 in.] Bulk Density Of Aggregates . The depth you will need to select for your gravel or slate will always depend on the aggregate size and what the surface will be used for. You will need: 935.00 mini bags of this aggregate type. Fine Aggregate is aggregate less than 5mm ...


Standard Aggregate Sieves 50 mm 2.36 mm 37.5 mm 1.18 mm 25 mm 0.6 mm 19 mm 0.3 mm 12.5 mm 0.15 mm 9.5 mm 0.075 mm ... maximum density line Percent Passing max size. Physical Properties of Aggregates 49 Aggregate Size ... 9.5 mm 9.5 12.5. Physical Properties of Aggregates 54 • Aggregate tests – Consensus properties - required ...

Gradation and Size – Pavement Interactive

Maximum density curves for 0.45 Power gradation graph each curve is for a different maximum aggregate size). To illustrate how the maximum density curves in Figure 1 are determined, Table 1 shows the associated calculations for a maximum aggregate size of 19.0 mm.

Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates1

describe the aggregate to be used in the project from the applicable items in 4.3. 4.2 Include in the purchase order for aggregates the follow-ing information, as applicable: 4.2.1 Reference to this specification, as C 33____, 4.2.2 Whether the order is for fine aggregate or for coarse aggregate, 4.2.3 Quantity, in metric tons or tons,

Hot Mix Asphalts 101 - State

Aggregate Aggregate Polymer Phase Polymer Phase Aggregate Aggregate Aggregate Aggregate Polymer Phase Polymer Phase. Middle East binder modified with 7% EVA, cracked surface, 0.5 x 0.7 mm. ... 9.5 mm SMA 98.0 12.5 mm SMA 100.5 Micro-Surfacing 98.8 12.5 mm SP 97.8. Stone Matrix (Mastic) Asphalt SMA. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

Unit weight of 12.5 mm aggregate

Unit weight of 12.5 mm aggregate Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, Unit weight of 12.5 mm aggregate, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.


Written instructions for determining pavement density and quantity adjustment factors are available from the Regional Materials Engineer or the Director, Materials Bureau. ... Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size 37.5 mm 25.0 mm 19.0 mm 12.5 mm 9.5 mm Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min 4.75 34.7 34.7 39.5 39.5 2.36 27.3 23.3 30.8 26.8 34.6 34.6 ...

Characterization and Effects of a 12.5 mm Nominal Maximum ...

of the fine aggregate used were determined according to AASHTO T 85 (2018) specification. According to AASHTO T 19 (2014) specification, the bulk densities of both fine and coarse aggregates used were determined separately. 12.5 mm nominal size granite as coarse aggregate used in the


Ensure that at least 50 percent by weight of fine aggregate is aggregate meeting FAA or is crushed carbonate stone or air-cooled blast furnace slag. Modify the No. 8 (2.36 mm) sieve requirement for a 12.5 mm mix in Table 442.02-2 to 34 to 40 percent. Apply an F-T value of +2 according to 441.02 and 441.09. 442.04 Asphalt Binder.

Density of Cement Sand and Aggregate in Kg/m3 | list of ...

Cement density:- generally density of cement is around 1440kg/m3 or it is measured in other unit- their density is 1.440 in g/cm3, 94 in lb/ft3 and 14.40 in kn/m3. The cement mixed with fine aggregate produces cement mortar for masonry, or with sand and gravel produces concrete. Ans. 1440 kg/m3 is density of cement.

Alex Fraser Group - 5-75mm Concrete Aggregates - Crusher ...

Density (Loose) BCC; 5mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate: Bedding sewer & water pipes. 1.20 t/m3: Yes: 10mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate: Bedding sewer & water pipes. 1.20 t/m3: Yes: 20mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate: Backfill sleeper, rock or block retaining walls, under concrete as drainage layer. 1.20 t/m3: Not Applicable: 75mm Recycled Concrete ...